Updates: Changes to my Hair Regime.

Pointers: I NO longer use The dark and Lovely deep conditioner, nor the organic deep conditioner. The main reason is they both contain mineral which my hair is beginning to hate. I’m now using mostly natural products and will update you guys fully once I have the new products i am going to be trying out.

The Deep conditioner I am now using is Vitales Olive oil hair mayonnaise:

-has great ingridients right at the begining of the list of ingridients

-works well with nothing added to it

-gives me amazing shine

I am also no longer using the Alberto balsam shampoo! I am now using Fantasia tea tree naturals shampoo:

-cleans scalp really well

-hair doesn’t feel stripped

-has a nice tingling effect due to the peppermint oil and tea tree added to it.

(detailed reviews on these products coming soon) Image




Protective Styles❤️❤️: My Senegalese Twists

  Hey Dolls! Hope all of you are well. Sorry for the lack of consistency on my blog.. Hopefully, will remember to post when I have enough free time on my hands.

So, on the 22nd of March (this year of course) I had my senegalese twists installed by my hair dresser; and i am in love with them! They are well twisted and done by the stylist ; also, the taking down process will be an absolute breeze if I maintain them. ( more pictures below contact form)

How long am I planning on keeping them in?

Well, I decided to put twists in because I have exams during the course of May! And I’ve hade them in for almost 3 weeks now, how in another 5 to 6 weeks I will be taking them down.. Also, I wanted to use this time to save up more money to buy the products I need such as ( Shea butter, coconut oil, green tea restructerizer, co wash conditioner, amla powder, moisturising shampoo and aloe Vera juice.) mostly natural products because I’m avoiding becoming a product junkie!

Making my own whipped Shea butter will help me moisturise, seal and will be perfect for braid outs, twist outs etc. Will probably try making my own deep conditioners as well, I ain’t got money to blow on no fancy hair products at the moment 😅😒.

How will I be maintaining the twists?

Every two weeks, I will be cleansing my scalp with 2 parts water and 1 part Fantasia tea tree naturals in my spray bottle, then I section my hair and spray each section with the mix. Rinse that out with warm plain water in a spray bottle, and gently squeeze the shampoo out of my hair.
After that, I will either condition my twists with hello hydration conditioner which will also be diluted with water, or, spray some green tea (Aldo diluted a bit) to strengthen and condition my hair. (Since it’s a liquid, less build up will occur on your scalp) I don’t mind the smell, since I’ve diluted it, the odour is not as strong.

Finally, I spray a lot of plain warm water on each section until the conditioner/green tea begins to run down my twists, I then gently squeeze but not too much since I can leave in some of the conditioner. I proceed to drying my twists with a cotton t-shirt.

The point of diluting the products is to control how much shampoo/conditioner you put onto your scalp, and it makes it easier to rinse out the product. (preventing further build up, which slows down growth; the reason is that your hair follicles cannot easily sprout out of your scalp due to the pores in your scalp bring clogged with products); Moreover, this method of cleaning my scalp prevents frizz if I was
I also make sure not to scratch or be vigorous when washing my scalp so I do not mess up the parting made for each twist ( prevent frizz)




To keep my Senegalese Twists FLAWLESS.. Lol, I spray some ORS hair sheen, 4 inches away from my scalp ( my natural hair hates petroleum/mineral oil) to give it extra shine … but sometimes I rub some coconut oil on my palms and distribute it all over my senegalese twists, including my scalp. AFTER, washing my hair and allowing it to dry, I oil and dry areas, hair line with T444z hair food to prevent any bolding in those areas.  At night, I wear a silk scarf with a satin bonnet to keep them neat.

That’s about it.. ❤️Thank You for reading my post, hope you enjoyed this post!



Contact me on any advice on skin care and hair care below. Will be happy to help!



What hair type is my new Growth?

I cannot lie; I obsessively hair types and textures; amazes me how our hair can defy gravity, have beautiful kinks, coils and curls.. Natural Hair Is Beautiful.

When you’re transitioning; you do want to know what your natural hair will look like; but we shouldn’t get to carried away because our relaxed hair ways down our newgrowth, so it appears looser, than if you chop off your relaxed ends.

Also you really cannot determine your texture without at least 3 months worth of new growth; I try and wait will I have at least 2-3 inches before finding out my hair type.

PLEASE DO NOT TRANSITION BECAUSE YOU WANT A PARTICULAR HAIR TYPE! You might be disappointed and all your hard work will go to waste, y
Love your hair the way it is.

Now onto my question.. What hair type would you consider my new growth?
I’m thinking maybe 4a/4b?
Let me know in the comments xx

For any hair related advice email me at : rachaelblogs123@gmail.com


20140301-113240 pm.jpg

20140301-113255 pm.jpg

20140301-113326 pm.jpg

20140301-113632 pm.jpg

UPDATE: I am Now Texlaxed 💁

Hi Girlies!

I’m deeply Sorry For Being Gone for So Long! Please Forgive Me 😔 Had A Lot Of decisions to make in Terms of My Education, But It’s ALL good!!

So Let’s Start with What I did With my Tresses in November 2013, I installed some Jumbo Box Braids to protect my hair from the Horrible weather we have here in The UK! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM! I wore them down most of the time because of the length and I also loved how it complimented my Style overall.. So, I kept them in for 8 weeks, I really didn’t want to because I enjoyed the style Soo much! But my hair needed some serious TLC after being tucked away for 2 months.

Note: I did Wash My Braids with GARNIER FRUCTIS sleek & shine Shampoo and applied Tresseme Naturals Conditioner to follow up.
I did this every 1-2 weeks. It is very important to keep your scalp clean to prevent build up and also for the scalp to breathe and grow as normal. Washing your braids does help when taking down the braids because you won’t be met with more dirt stuck to your hair strands. However, Avoid washing the actual extensions and focus on the scalp area.

You cannot believe what I did next… After washing my hair I headed to the salon for them straighten my hair since I had a party to go to the following day; However, I then decided to TEXTURIZE IT ! and what did I forget not to ever do?wash your hair on the same day when you are going to apply a relaxer/texturizer to the hair! But, I still decided to go along with the treatment.. luckily, no hair was lost after washing it out but it did irritate my scalp really bad, but I didn’t have any scalp problems once I left the salon.

Why Did I Decide Texturize My Hair?
1. Every time I relaxed my hair, I noticed that my thick, coily 3c/4a new growth would become so thin after the relaxed being on my hair for less than 10-15 minutes! I tried different brands but it always left my hair looking lifeless with no body to it! *the fact that I wait 6-7 months before my next touch up was also confusing, because I wasn’t over processing my new growth, neither was I relaxing too often!?*
2. I Love Big Thick Hair… I would enjoy having new growth coming in after being a few months post because my hair had more body to it.. Would prefer that to having my hair looking lifeless and thin! I did really want to stretch for another 2 months (I was 7 months post before Texlaxing) but I had to realise the stress that comes with transitioning and my life was stressful enough with school and personal issues.. So I had to do something that would be less of a struggle to maintain (handling two textures is hard work.. I even considered cutting off my relaxed ends!) but at the same time have body and thickness to it, I hated the bone straight look!
3. To also see if I can have a go at OPERATION: Team Natural! Since my new growth and relaxed hair were always at war! I thought it would be easier to see if my natural texture and Texlaxed hair won’t be to stressful to maintain.. However, NOW I have 3 textures! Until, I finally let go of those spaghetti like, relaxed, ends of mine…😔

What Are Your Plans for your Hair journey?
Well, I’m giving Team Natural another go! I really do not mind what texture my hair is, but I would love me a thick, kinky 4a Fro! (LOL, I’m Something else!) I adore afro type hair and how unique it is.. But we will see if 2014 is when I finally put the ‘creamy crack’ aside and werk my natural tresses!

Stay Tuned My Lovelies! I also have a review coming up and an update on my new routine/currently using.

Length Check: February 18th ( finally at APL?)

All products used on my braids down below! 💕


20140119-052404 pm.jpg

20140119-052418 pm.jpg

20140119-052431 pm.jpg

20140119-052939 pm.jpg

20140119-052958 pm.jpg

20140119-053023 pm.jpg

My First length Check (November 2013)


I’ve found the time to now sit down and update you guys on my Hair Journey; this will be my first Length check on my Blog, and I will be posting on how much length I have gained every 2 to 3 months. I will ask so be informing you gals out there on the overall health of my hair and if I am taking any supplements or TRYING to eat clean ( I just can’t depart from my chocolate digestives right now).

I’ve just been taking regular vitamin pastilles called ‘Bassetts healthy balance multivitamins it contains Biotin which helps maintain your hair and skin. I just started taking these again on Monday so hopefully, In my next update tell you guys if I’ve seen any improvements in my overall Health.

I recently had visited the salon to get my hair washed and straightened to I could measure my length much easier due to me having gained 2 inches of new growth since my last relaxer.

Tomorrow, I will be installing some jumbo braids to protect my hair from Britain’s harsh Winter Weather *brrrrr*

I only relax my hair every 6 months ( I Know Right!)

So The Measurements I ended up with were:

Front:8.8 inches
Left side:11.3 inches
Right Ride:10.8 inches
Middle10.9 inches
Back12 inches

This is my first time ACTUALLY measuring my hair, so they may not be as accurate.

here is an image of my current length! Since it has been straightened I feel like its beginning to get dryer easier, So I just seal the hair with extra virgin olive oil every night before wrapping.

20131101-081724 pm.jpg

Sorry, for not being able to post; A lot of School Work to Get through!

Checkout my post on my Relaxed Hair Regime for more on how I take care of my hair during the week.